The lie you might believe is that 7% of any message is conveyed through words.

You’ve probably heard that statistic repeated every time you mention needing to find the right words to convey your message. It came from Dr. Albert Mehrabian, the author of Silent Messages, because he once conducted several studies on nonverbal communication then claimed that only 7% of any message is conveyed through words. While that may be true in verbal presentations (I still doubt it), it’s absolutely not true online or in print copy. In those mediums, words are power.

Did you know…

  • When someone visits your website you have less than one second to make an impression?
  • Most visitors only skim your content.
  • The quickest way to grow your audience is to write valuable content.

If you’re not growing your clientele or selling your products, the problem is your words. Your words are what sell and if your words aren’t working for you, then you need to let mine do the job.



I don’t believe writing for yourself is working for you because if it was, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t need me and you wouldn’t even be thinking about hiring a writer. You need me so that you can stop spending hours of your time trying to find the right words to convince new clients they need your business. Go ahead and pass that dirty wordy work off to me so that can focus your time and energy on the work you’re actually passionate about. You know that’s what you want to do.

You want to coach, to teach, to create, to design, to build, to do your thing, don’t you? You want to put your time and energy in to building relationships with clients (not writing copy to lure them in). You want to focus on teaching the course (not writing the email autoresponder sequence to encourage people to enroll). You should be doing what you want and you should be out there changing lives in the best way that only you can. The world needs you to be you.

So why don’t you go do your thing and hire me to do mine? It’s like they say, “You do you.”


Don’t tell me we can’t do it, because if there is any word that I don’t love it would be, “No.” It makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and scream, “la la la la la la la la la la la la” until you break and admit that yeah, we can do this. You deserve this.

You already know who you are, what you love, and what your business or product offerings are, but you’re struggling to find the words to let the world know just how much you have to offer. See, that’s where I come in. That’s what I do. That’s what I will do, for you.

You need someone with the ability to sell your business and your passion so that you can convert visitors to clients and consumers. Traffic to your website is great and all but if people show up, skim your home page, then click away, what good is it really? What’s the point? Who cares if people are visiting your website if they aren’t whipping out the credit card and pleading with you to take their dollars because you are just OH-SO-FABULOUS?

It can be done. It just takes the right words, and wouldn’t you know it, I happen to have them.

Ashley LaMar is “ridiculously effective.” I hired Ashley as a freelance contractor earlier this year. I keep finding projects for her to tackle.She continuously exceeds expectations. I am particularly impressed with Ashley’s ability to handle the toughest client I know: me. Ashley has earned my highest recommendation.

Michael Cooley

Communications Coach, MRC Consulting LLC

As a writer one of the biggest challenges I face is writing my own profiles. Ashley stepped in and wrote a brilliant profile for the About page on my blog and helped tidy up my LI profile as well. She was able to retain my slightly offbeat style while giving a more professional tone – something I had been struggling to do when writing about myself.

Ashley was very professional with a great turn around time – and delivered more than she promised. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for good, professional writing.

Angelique Jurd

Pop Culture Writer, Small Black Cat Media

How to Change Your Copywriting to Convert Visitors into Clients

You need your copywriting to convert! If you really want to sell your products and book more clients you need to make this one major change on your website. Change this and you'll start seeing improved results. Your copywriting is leaving your visitors undecisive because you're not doing it right.

You need to change your copywriting to convert your website visitors into clients and I want you to implement one change immediately. Today, I want you to revise your copy and stop asking questions. Immediately. It’s a tiresome practice that needs to end because it’s not productive. You think that it spurs consideration and encourages a reader to realize that your service or product can help them solve their problem, but it doesn’t. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

Asking your website visitors questions in your copy actually turns them away from your business. It leaves them straddling the fence between two decisions and feeling indecisive in the end.


Here are two examples of questioning copy that I’ve seen on actual business websites. I’m going to explain why it doesn’t work, what the reader is really thinking, and how it should be changed to see real results.

Business Coach

Original copy…

Are you tired of hours and hours in to your business but not seeing results?

Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels but you’re not gaining traction? 

Don’t you think it’s time for others to see how special you are?

Why not contact me today for a FREE consultation? Together, we will get started down the path to your success!

My suggested modified copy…

You’re investing hours in to building your business but your booking calendar still isn’t full. You are frustrated, and rightfully so, because despite your hard work you’re not seeing progress. After spending so much time, energy, and let’s face it, tears, on your passion project, it’s depressing to feel like you’re failing. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and get serious about your growth. Call me and get your free consultation so you can start seeing the results you deserve.

If your website isn't converting visitors into clients and customers you need to take a long hard look at your copy. Here I'll tell you what works, what doesn't, and what you need to change in order to get conversions.

Branding Coach

Original copy…

Still struggling to find colors that you love and that fit your brand?

Are you changing fonts every 3 – 6 months because you there are just so many pretty ones that you want them all (they aren’t Pokemon, you know)?

That’s what I do. I’m a branding expert and I can help you settle on a brand and design that you are guaranteed to stick with for years!

My suggested modified copy…

Your indecisiveness is causing problems for your business. Prospective clients aren’t going to have trust in a company that can’t stick to a color or a font for longer than 6 months. That identity crisis of yours is costing you money! Just imagine what you could do for your business if more clients trusted you enough to sign up and get to work. Your image is important and you need to start taking it seriously. When you’re ready to commit (and really get serious) contact me so I can help you build a brand you’ll finally love. 


I know that a lot of people read the before and think it should work. The copy seems to be doing it all; it’s asking decent questions, presenting the problem, and offering a solution. The problem is that it’s going to leave a lot of potential sales on the table. Readers are going to be indecisive after reading it because you aren’t giving commands. They are going to be sitting there, reading your copy, and thinking to themselves, “Yes, I mean, you’re right but…….” and they will come up with excuses as to why to not hire you or buy your product. It’s your job to convince them that they need your service/product and they deserve it.

You have to get over the destructive mindset of playing nice with your copy and stop trying to guess at the problem your visitors are facing. Instead, tell them that they have a problem, then tell them how you will fix it.

You don’t have to completely change your copy if you love it, but you do have to tweak it enough to change the tone and persuasion. Give your visitors commands and make authoritative statements which demand action.

Your copy should say, “You need help and I’m the only one that can help you.” It should not say, “If you decide you want to address your issues maybe you should give me a call sometime.”

Your copy should tell a reader they have a problem and that you can fix it. You shouldn't have to try to sell them on it or make it about guesswork.

Why are you asking your visitors about their problem, anyway?

Long before you ever put your fingers on a keyboard to start writing your sales copy or content, you should know exactly who you’re writing to and what problem they are facing. That is what you should be telling them. When a visitor is on your website they should feel like you somehow obtained an insider look into their lives, businesses, and minds. It should feel like an intimate one-on-one conversation where you call them out on their ugly truths. Tell them, “I know who you are and I know what problems you’re having”. Let the wallow in despair for a moment then toss them a lifeline by adding, “But I’m here and I can help you.”

Make them realize that they need you.

Own your authority. It’s more important than you realize.

Hi! I’m Ashley

Hi! I’m Ashley

I use my words to sell your business, isn't that awesome?! Let's work together.

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