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Stitch Fix Review (It’s Spring in Georgia)

Stitch Fix Review (It’s Spring in Georgia)

Last week I received my most recent Stitch Fix and although it was mostly a miss I can at least appreciate that I feel like my stylist tried which is more than I can say for previous fixes.This month there were actually two items I hated so much that I... read more

My Birthday Wishlist (Omg…it’s in 48 hours)

I woke up Sunday morning with this sudden realization that my birthday is on Wednesday. OMG. This year it completely snuck up on me. I’m not sure I had fully processed that it’s already May so there is no way I was thinking that my birthday was here... read more

Friday Favorites #5

This week has been so productive for me and I’m heading in to this weekend fully prepared to enjoy every single relaxing moment. I’m hoping to sleep in a little bit, spend some time by the pool, explore Midtown, and maybe get a spring pedicure. I finished... read more

Embracing Simplicity When You Have Too Much Stuff

DOOM released on the PS4 last week and, oddly, that is also what started our latest conversation about consumerism versus simple living. My husband brought it up so no, it was not because I was complaining about the $60 price tag for a video game. I’m a gamer... read more

How Many iPhone Cases Do You Have?

I read this article on WSJ the other day about iPhone cases being considered fashion accessories and my first thought was, “Well, yeah, that makes sense.” I mean, for as often as we are on our phones it only makes sense to change out the case on your phone... read more

Friday Favorites #4

This weekend is a really well-deserved break because I spent last week writing over 1,000 pages at the office, editing a book about marriage, and proofreading a love letter for a friend who is trying to woo back a lost love (xx*fingers crossed*xx for love!). I ended... read more

Thoughts on THAT Food Stamp Video

Have you seen THAT video yet? It’s been circulating for about a month and ever since I watched it I’ve been wanting to say something about it. I tend to hold my tongue (for the most part) but lately I’ve just reached a point where I can’t do... read more

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